Superb service with a friendly staff, clean facilities, and prompt turnaround.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 12/25/2017

I waited until mid-afternoon before hearing from you on what "Check Engine" light was for - still don't know for sure, so let's talk about it - some more: reset light? no, not to have it 'go off again' a short time later but I just spent >$100 for an oil change that I didn't need and the damned light is still on. Cat Convert replace: huh? - just passed inspection w/in last month - w/ flying colors - just as before; so is the recommended replacement based on miles (156K), measured exhaust, or what?

4 Jeno's Auto Service 12/25/2017

Always so quick and very professional!

5 Jeno's Auto Service 12/23/2017

Jeno's does a great job with all my oil changes. They always honor the special rate, tell me what is wrong and even take me to and from work! I trust their work on my car and genuine concern if I need something fixed. I have been told with other auto shops, something is wrong with my car. After some research, I have found that not to be true. Opposingly, Jeno's has been truthful with every car concern they have brought to my attention, even allowing me time to research and come back for maintenance. I recommend Jeno's to everyone!

5 Jeno's Auto Service 12/19/2017

As always I'm 100% satisfied with the service I received from Jeno's Auto Service.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 12/18/2017

As usual GREAT Service

5 Jeno's Auto Service 12/17/2017

I took my 1987 pickup truck there a few years ago because it was surging when I accelerated. Jenos kept if for a week and couldn't find out what was wrong with it, so I picked it up and brought it home. I researched the problem myself on the internet and multiple sites suggested it was a throttle position sensor. I ordered one online for $40 and put it on myself. It fixed the problem. I am not a mechanic, I am a school teacher, and the mere fact that I fixed this myself when they were "stumped" led me to believe they didn't take the time or trouble to investigate my repair. I'll never take another car there. Poor service.

After reading your review we went to investigate. We found your invoice dated July 15th, 2011. (Six and a half years ago). It was a no-charge invoice. Due to the elapsed time we can’t address exactly what happened other than you weren’t charged. In our record search, we see you came back in November of 2011 and we did emissions work on your 1993 Toyota Celica. We hope you were satisfied with the work done. Since 2011 we have made numerous upgrades to our staff and entire facility. We use state of the art technology and computer scanning equipment that is better equipped at finding difficult vehicle issues. Thanks for your input. Jeno's Auto Service
0.5 Jeno's Auto Service 12/13/2017

Price was reasonable and they did not try to sell me anything above and beyond. The took great care of my car.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 11/13/2017

We have been very pleased with Jenos service!

5 Jeno's Auto Service 11/12/2017

Had our KIA Sedona minivan aligned with Jeno's new state of the art machine. All appears corrected with one rear wheel towing in for some reason. Thank you Jeno's!

5 Jeno's Auto Service 11/11/2017