Prompt friendly service.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 12/19/2015

Enjoy the service and convenience. I've only had light repairs done, but what we have experienced has been very good.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 11/10/2015

Overall I'm pleased with Jeno's. Very friendly, they got me in when they said they would and the loaner car was a great help. The work appears to be done correctly the first time. Nothing is worse than a take back. The heater switch works great. The check engine light stays off and the noise in my suspension is gone. The labor rate was a bit higher than I expected but to be fair I don't keep up on that sort of thing so perhaps it is what it should be. I would hire them again.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 11/9/2015

Jeno's always does a good job. This time the did the job faster than before because of road construction.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 10/30/2015

I found Jeno's Auto Service very good to deal with, and concerned with my satisfaction and safety.They will mount and balance tires from the Tire Rack, which will save a consumer a lot of money if you go and pick the tires up yourself in North Stapleton from Tire Rack's warehouse--free shipping! Their price for mounting and balancing the tires is reasonable.John, the writer and the other staff are pleasant and chatty, and when they commit to a price and a deadline, they keep to it. In my case, when my initial mechanic was taken ill halfway through the job, owner Steve Horvath did my work himself, with some no-charge extras thrown in without my asking. The work appears to have been done very well.They lent me a serviceable car to get me home in pouring rain, they offer a discount of 10% on labor (up to $50) for AAA members, and Jeno's offers, for no extra charge, a 24 month/24,000 warranty that most other shops don't match.They have a good reputation in the local community, a lovely newly-enlarged facility, and a very good attitude toward a customer's satisfaction. They are an excellent business with which to deal.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 10/29/2015

Jeno's has been a terrific place to have work done for years. I highly recommend them!

5 Jeno's Auto Service 10/13/2015


5 Jeno's Auto Service 9/26/2015

Took my daughter's 4Runner in for a check up. They did the front brakes and rotors and adjusted the rears. Service was prompt, price was fair and car runs and stops great!!! Thank you Jeno's - will be back.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 9/19/2015

The folks at Jeno's are helpful, caring, and great at their work. My car is always returned quickly. They review all the problems they find in my vehicles but they always work with me to decide what really needs to be done (I don't always have enough $$ to fix everything). They always find affordable parts that are still good quality. They gladly give me a ride home when I drop off my car. They always offer to let me use a loaner car when my car will be in for a while. They make me feel like I am a valued customer and even like a friend who they are eager to help out. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Jeno's and I recommend them to everyone!

5 Jeno's Auto Service 9/18/2015

The best service I ever receive comes from Jeno's. They are so knowledgeable and honest. I completely trust my vehicle with them plus they always have a loner car for me to use. They are in constant communication regarding what they are doing and what they are finding - whether good or bad. I appreciate that.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 3/6/2015