I needed a 2nd opinion on a very expensive repair, a diagnosis made by my usual mechanic, so I made an appointment at Jeno's. We dropped off my car 1 day early due to a busy schedule and Jeno's called me that same day, telling me my car did not need the expensive repair. They said they test drove my car twice to double check things and saw nothing wrong. They also said they would not charge me the normal diagnosis fee because they found nothing wrong. I cannot say they do great work because they haven't done any work on my car yet, but what a great first impression they made. They took care of me a day early, didn't charge me a diagnosis fee and were so honest. I will definitely come to them the next time I have a real issue.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/31/2017

They were very accommodating to my requests and finished the job as promised.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/29/2017

Steve warrantied a Napa battery for me, saving me time and money.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/25/2017

Fair price, good service, on time.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/25/2017

John is the best and understanding dollars to spend and time needed. If the need falls between "me-do" and my mark experts I'll send all of my cars (kids and wife's) to Jeno's because of John. thank you: Rick G.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/21/2017

This is a great auto repair shop. Always professional and techs are well trained.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/19/2017

Everything was great. I really appreciate the prompt text message to let me know the car was finished. Had an alignment performed on my 2007 Honda Civic. The shop provided me a copy of the alignment specs without asking, and the technician did a much better job of getting the car aligned than the previous shop that serviced the vehicle. I'll certainly be back in the future.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/14/2017

Car done in reasonable time. Staff always friendly. And love the fact that they will get me a loaner car or drive me to my home.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/13/2017

Jeno's has provided exceptional service to us for more than a decade. John does a great job in explaining the work required for our vehicles, and tells us in a very professional manner about what we can expect. Mary is very focused on giving us terrific customer service! Thank you to everyone at Jeno's

0.5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/12/2017

Friendly great group of people working together to care for you and your vehicle.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/12/2017