Honest and try to be quick in getting to each customer in timely manner

5 Jeno's Auto Service 8/20/2016

The representatives of Jenos are ALWAYS honest, up front and almost ALWAYS spot on their estimates. They NEVER do any work without consent and the quote they give is ON or pretty darned close!! Been going to them for 18 years!!

4.5 Jeno's Auto Service 8/18/2016

Good quality service from a very friendly and professional group of people. I would recommend Jeno's to anyone. They have taken excellent care of our vehicles for over 15 years.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 8/7/2016

I have an older car and Jeno's take good care of it.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 8/4/2016

The staff was friendly and even offered a loner car! The job was done right and I have not had any issues since. The only thing is that they are more expensive, so be prepared to spend more then a big box garage. I would rather pay higher once then having to go back to fix again! Thanks James

5 Jeno's Auto Service 8/2/2016

Good people doing good work! I recommend them to everyone.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/31/2016

As usual, you guys are the very best. I ALWAYS receive the best service, you are very quick and thorough and always tell me the truth, whether good news or bad news. I do not let anyone else work on my vehicles but Jenos.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/30/2016

You did everything we asked you to do. Thank You!

4.5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/24/2016

Jeno's has been the primary place for service of my GMC for years, they are the best!

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/19/2016

I appreciate the hard work by the team at Jeno's at solving a complex problem and doing a time consuming and intricate repair with my air conditioner. The service manager, John Glosek, was extremely supportive especially with the time crunch I was under to complete the repair. He also went above and beyond to make sure the repair was done with quality! All employees were cheerful and friendly. It was overall a very positive experience. I will definitely return the next time I need a car repair and will recommend Jeno's to others.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 7/15/2016