Amazing service! John went above and beyond what I have ever expected (or received) from any auto shop. I originally dropped my car off at Jeno's because of an emergency issue, but I will now use Jeno's for everything else, big or small. Professional, knowledgeable, caring, and quick! I would recommend this shop to everyone!

5 Jeno's Auto Service 10/14/2016

Service done was exactly what I had asked and just what was needed

5 Jeno's Auto Service 10/13/2016

Very pleased with ease of making app't & work was done per my request & will be looking forward to another app't in 3000 mi; as well as ft . brakes replaced . Regards, Jo Ann L. Stegeman

5 Jeno's Auto Service 10/13/2016

Great job as usual. Car is running really well again . We were very pleaed with your service .

5 Jeno's Auto Service 10/9/2016

YES! YES! YES! New to town and not sure of where to go, I asked my trusted Denver-native doctor to refer me to a mechanic. He sent me to Jeno's with high expectations. Jeno's repaired my old beat up 4Runner quickly and affordably. They even gave me a loaner car for no additional fee and they were incredibly friendly and easy to work with. I picked my car up last night; I took her on 4WD backcountry mountain roads today through sun, rain, hail, snow, and high winds... and she performed like a champ. There is a highly noticeable increase in her performance. Jeno's, thank you for extending the life of my truly beloved and beat up automobile. You guys are wonderful and really did save the day. Thank you so much! Honest. Excellent service. Great prices. Friendly staff. Free loaner vehicle. Fast and efficient. Very clean and secure environment. What not to love?

5 Jeno's Auto Service 10/6/2016

No speed records will be set here but if you want honest, competent work at a fair price they get my 5 stars.

5 Jeno's Auto Service 9/27/2016

We were very happy with the thoroughness of their diagnosis of the issues, the speed I which the work was done, and the accuracy of the estimate.

4 Jeno's Auto Service 9/27/2016

Jeno's is great!

4.5 Jeno's Auto Service 9/27/2016

Jenos is accommodating, respectful of my time, and honest. I would recommend them to anyone!

5 Jeno's Auto Service 9/23/2016

Professional personnel, quality work done as scheduled and per estimate. An asset to Littleton!

5 Jeno's Auto Service 9/22/2016