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Suspension and Steering Repair in Littleton, CO | Jeno's Auto Service

Whether your vehicle uses shock absorbers or struts, these all play a part in the handling of your vehicle and the comfort in the ride. The better shape your suspension and steering are in, the smoother your ride.

When your shocks and struts wear down, you might experience tire shaking, wheel shimmy and vibration. Another significant sign your suspension should be looked at would be fluid leaking from either the shock absorber or strut. You also may notice tires that appear inward toward the vehicle. Remember too, suspensions use hydraulics and springs to keep your vehicle at the right ride height. These are all reasons to come by Jeno’s and we’ll give you our recommendation of what steps you might want to take.

Steering Repair in Littleton, CO | Jeno's Auto Service
Suspension Repair in Littleton, CO | Jeno's Auto Service
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