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My Garage

My Garage

My Garage, Now Available at Jeno's.  At Jeno's, we are always looking to improve our services and value for our great customers. We now feature My Garage on our website.  This new feature for 2024 gives you a great snapshot of your vehicle's maintenance and repair history.  On My Garage you can find your vehicle or vehicles' entire Jeno’s Auto service work history. Whether you have had Jeno’s maintain and repair one of your vehicles or multiple ones, all your vehicles information is here for you to see. At Jeno’s we know a well-maintained car will take care of you and this a great place to review appointments and check for your recommended services.  There is another benefit to using My Garage. Selling your vehicle?  What is one of the first things a potential buyer might want to see? The work history done on the vehicle. My Garage is a handy tool with all the great information about your car's servic ... read more

Getting Your Kid’s Car Ready For The School Year

Getting Your Kid’s Car Ready For The School Year

The back-to-school season is here as kids head back to high school and college.  Just as your student is getting ready to get back to school with all the supplies and resources for the year, it’s a good time to make sure the car they are driving is in good shape and running safely.   Jeno’s Auto Service knows a well-maintained vehicle will take care of you and your family.    When was the last time your kid’s car oil was changed?  Are there any different noises in the vehicle in the past few months?  Do the seatbelts work and are the windshield wipers working properly with a full fluid tank? Is the windshield wiper pump working properly?  Is the spare tire in the car ready to be used in an emergency?  Do the hazard lights work?   Bring your car into Jeno’s for a general maintenance inspection and we’ll answer these questions for you to make sure your child’s vehicle is ready to go.   You will also ... read more

Catalytic Converter Theft and Protection

Catalytic Converter theft is at epidemic proportions here in Colorado.  Thieves can get big dollars for stolen converters from recyclers and scrap yards.  As of this writing the current prices per ounce for metals found in converters are $975 for platinum, $2100 for palladium and over $15,000 per ounce for rhodium.     Question:  How much has catalytic converter theft increased in the past few years?  Answer: According to the Denver Post, thefts of catalytic converters in Colorado skyrocketed 5091% from 2019 through 2021 according to the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority in the state Department of Public Safety. Question: What can I do to protect my catalytic converter from being stolen? Answer: Jeno’s Auto Service along with Triple AAA and law enforcement are partnering together to deter catalytic converter theft. Jeno’s will acid etch a serial number onto a ... read more

Wheel Alignment

We try and answer questions for our customers and want to do our part with keeping you up with service ideas to get the most out of your vehicle. Question: Why should I get a wheel alignment? Answer: A wheel alignment assures your four tires are straight and riding on the pavement at the right angle. Question: How do I know when to get an alignment? Answer: You may see that your car pulls to the left side or the right side or you may notice uneven tire ware with the edges being worn more than the center. Most manufactures recommend getting an alignment every couple of years or when you purchase new tires. Question: What are other advantages of getting an alignment? Answer: Better gas mileage Better overall steering A more comfortable ride The weather here in Colorado can be extreme and this leads to damaged roadways. Potholes have your tires marked as a bull’s-eye ... read more


We try and answer questions for our customers and want to do our part with keeping you up with service ideas to get the most out of your vehicle. Question: When is it time to get my brakes checked? Answer: Generally, it’s good to have your brakes checked once a year or when you rotate your tires. Question: How will I know if my brakes need checking? Answer: When your brake pads are worn, you will start hearing a metal friction sound when braking and possibly experience decreased braking power. Another sign you need to have your brakes looked at is if your steering wheel vibrates. You never want to go too long without having your brakes looked at. Your safety and the safety of your passengers is riding on it

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