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Catalytic Converter Theft and Protection

Catalytic Converter theft is at epidemic proportions here in Colorado.  Thieves can get big dollars for stolen converters from recyclers and scrap yards.  As of this writing the current prices per ounce for metals found in converters are $975 for platinum, $2100 for palladium and over $15,000 per ounce for rhodium.    

Question:  How much has catalytic converter theft increased in the past few years? 
Answer: According to the Denver Post, thefts of catalytic converters in Colorado skyrocketed 5091% from 2019 through 2021 according to the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority in the state Department of Public Safety.

Question: What can I do to protect my catalytic converter from being stolen?
Answer: Jeno’s Auto Service along with Triple AAA and law enforcement are partnering together to deter catalytic converter theft. Jeno’s will acid etch a serial number onto a clients catalytic converter.  That number is then registered in a theft prevention database to make it much harder for thieves to sell those stolen catalytic converters. 

Question: How much does it cost to have this done? 
Answer:  Jeno’s will do this at no charge with any work done at the shop.  You will need to request this service at time of drop off. Or Jeno’s can do the service alone for $25.

Give us a call to get this service scheduled and have Jeno’s put a serial number on your catalytic converter.

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