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Wheel Alignment

We try and answer questions for our customers and want to do our part with keeping you up with service ideas to get the most out of your vehicle.


Why should I get a wheel alignment?


A wheel alignment assures your four tires are straight and riding on the pavement at the right angle.


How do I know when to get an alignment?


You may see that your car pulls to the left side or the right side or you may notice uneven tire ware with the edges being worn more than the center. Most manufactures recommend getting an alignment every couple of years or when you purchase new tires.


What are other advantages of getting an alignment?


  • Better gas mileage
  • Better overall steering
  • A more comfortable ride

The weather here in Colorado can be extreme and this leads to damaged roadways. Potholes have your tires marked as a bull’s-eye. From hitting these or the curb or objects on the road, your wheels will eventually go out of alignment.

Over time this causes uneven wear on your tires. We all know, new tires are expensive. You want them to last and perform for the mileage they are rated for.

At Jeno’s, we use the newest technology in imaging alignment science. Our alignments feature steering angle adjustment and high-resolution imaging camera’s that provide pinpoint alignment accuracy. If it’s been a while since your last alignment, give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled.

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