Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention | Jeno's Auto Service


You have probably heard or seen on the news the number of catalytic converter thefts going on in Colorado. Catalytic converters are being stolen in record numbers for the precious metals (platinum, palladium and rhodium) that are valuable to recyclers. Replacing a stolen catalytic converter is expensive. That's why Jeno's along with AAA Colorado are partnering with the Colorado Department of Public Safety to offer catalytic converter theft protection by placing a permanent ID on your catalytic converter. This labeling is a non-removable etched ID# on your catalytic converter and is then registered in the theft prevention database.

With any service work done at Jeno's, for $25 we will apply the non-removable etched ID and register it to a secure international tracking database accessible by law enforcement and recyclers.

Some restrictions apply as some catalytic converter locations make them less accessible by thieves.

This process will provide valuable protection for your vehicle.

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